Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Big Game.

On Wednesday last week we had a big game against St Mary's. I was surprised when I heard that Year Eights were going to compete, but guess what - even though they were bigger than us, we did not care because champions never give up.
BEEP! goes the whistle "kick off" said the ref. Through the first half we were all over the place. One of the players got injured and they were all ready tired
BEEP!!!! "end of first half" says the ref. We all huddled up at the side line and we talked about our problem's and what we needed to work on.
BEEP!!!! goes the whistle I said to myself we got to get a try .
RING RING! goes the school bell and all of the Pt England supporters rushed to the field and started cheering "Go Pt England !" while we were playing we all got together. We played well by making good tackles and good hit ups .
Then the final whistle went and the ref said "game over."
We all did our cheers and shook hands saying "good game guys".
P.S. even though we lost CHAMPIONS NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!.

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  1. Great report Semiliu - from what I saw of the game it looked like a hard match. Your team showed good heart keeping making those tackles aginst the big players in the other team. If you need some more tips, check out our new rugby blog by clicking on my name above :)