Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Mt Wellington animation!

This is a little snippet about Mt Wellington.

Mt St Helen's

It was 12 o'clock at midnight. Suddenly I heard a loud bang so I quickly open my window and there it was Mt St Helen erupting demolishing everything in it's sight.
Devastating bombs shooting threw the air leaving a steam of lava. I quickly rushed to my family and woke them up saying harry up Mt St Helen's is erupting. So we quickly got our survival item's and rushed to the car. We drove to the nearest center which is called Glen Innes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Personal shield

Room 20 drew themselves a personal shield. On my personal shield I drew about what I want to do in life.
On my culture picture I drew a Tongan flag and also a Samoan flag which means I'm half Tongan and also half Samoan.
On my hobbies picture I drew myself a rugby field and it show that I love to play rugby.
On my future picture I drew my self a rugby world cup and all the different cultures around it. That means rugby is one of my favorite things to do.