Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Pt England way

The Pt England way means a lot to us' and all the teachers in PT England school. Most of our Year 7 students have been good role models around juniors, around the school and around visitors. We have learnt to use our W.I.T.S and the first letter W means walk away' The second letter I means Ignore it' The letter T means talk about it' and Finally the letter S means Seek Help. Our Principal Mr Burt is an awesome principal because he showed us how to use our W.I.T.S and makes sure that we have lots of awesome trips and camps.

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  1. Hi Semiliu

    Great blog. I really like this graphic of yours showing the WITS. I know for sure that you have been a fabulous Year 7 role model. Keep up the great work.